Saturday, June 20, 2009

New CSA Box

So we picked up our new CSA box from Harmony Valley Farms, and much to our delight, we got the first Strawberries of the season... We love them with a touch of sugar and Balsamic Vinegar, but I want to try this recipe.

Here is the rest of the contents...
Red leaf lettuce
Red radish
Garlic scapes
Salad mix
Napa cabbage
Red Komatsuna

Dear wife made this fantastic Potato Au Gratin with some potatoes we had laying around, and added the garlic scapes, the scallions and used the rest of the Cheddar we got in the Cheese CSA last week.

In other news, our garden is starting to show some life!

A few tomatoes starting to grow...

And a couple of the peas that are starting to form...

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  1. OMG you guys are awesome with the produce and recipes! YUUUUUMMMM!
    Amy from the Pub