Friday, January 29, 2010

Lazy day with Blueberry Muffins

My babysitter took off for an early weekend so the twinadoes and I decided to sleep in (8:00 am) and make blueberry muffins for breakfast. Have I ever mentioned how much they love blueberry muffins? I use a recipe from Cook's Illustrated.

They really really love blueberry muffins.

Here's what I used: flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, salt, buttermilk, vanilla, vegetable oil, blueberries, and butter.

First, melt the butter and set it aside to cool. In a small pan, put one cup of blueberries (drained) and one teaspoon of sugar over medium heat. Mash the blueberries and allow it to boil until a thick slurry forms. Set it aside and let it cool.

In a large bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, and salt together until well-mixed. In a smaller bowl, whisk together sugar and two eggs. Let your 4 year old help. He'll stop asking if the muffins are ready for the 30 seconds you let him mix. It will be worth the break.

Add the vanilla and buttermilk to the sugar/egg mixture and whisk until well combined. Slowly, add it to the flour mixture. Stir until JUST combined. Don't overmix! Then, fold in the rest of the blueberries. Your batter will be lumpy with some undermixed flour. This is okay. Don't panic. Allow the baking magic to work.

Fill your muffin cups until the batter is heaping over the top. Happy things are coming.

Spoon a small amount of the blueberry slurry on top of each muffin. Mix it in with a toothpick or spoon.

Pop it in the oven and let it bake until your kids are crying and telling you that they'd be ready by now if you hadn't taken pictures the whole way through. Which is totally correct. So, let them eat the muffins to their little heart's content.

It's a tough day, this hanging out with Mommy stuff.

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