Sunday, June 28, 2009

First raspberries of the season and the last of the peas

This week brought 90 degree days which effectively stopped the growth of our peas. I noticed a few days ago that the remaining flower buds were starting to whither. Today I pulled down most of the pea vines to make way for the green beans which are starting to climb.

The big surprise of the day was the abundance of raspberries ready to pick on our bushes. I'd like to show you how many we pulled. I would. But, my kids got to them first. And, apparently they like them a whole lot more this year than they did last year because there's only a handful left. This is the second year we've been in the house and the raspberries have lived here much longer. I need to research the growing habits of raspberries because this year the berries are HUGE and so much better than last year. I pulled out the stems that had died last fall and this year the bushes are so much fuller. We even ate some of the golden raspberries and last year they weren't ready until closer to August. I see raspberry pie in the very near future!!

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